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Welcome to Harpford Weather. This site contains the latest and past weather data from my Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station located in the village of Harpford within the Otter Valley, East Devon. This site has decent exposure, although with slight sheltering of the anemometer from certain directions (see station details). Being a valley floor location, the site experiences cooler minima than nearby hillsides and coastal locations.

Weather data spans from the station installation date in October 2007 to the present. There is also a Photo Gallery and a ‘Links & Other’ page with various info that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

I run this site as part of my interest in the weather/climate and recording it, and share the data incase it is of use or interest to people, local or further afield. I try to make sure the weather data is as accurate as reasonably possible but it is not ‘official’ data. The station is currently set up with a tablet PC to reduce power usage while keeping the data updating day and night. Data is also uploaded to Weather Underground and ‘WOW’


Notable Events: The 20th June was the joint hottest day recorded by this station so far with a maximum air temperature of 29.2°C, the same as the 13th July 2013. The 6th July was also hot with a maximum of 28.6°C

Welcome Forecast

Highest temp

Lowest temp

Highest gust

Wettest Day

Driest Month

Wettest Month

Total rainfall

29.2°C (20th Jun)

-5.5°C (3rd Jan)

46 mph (2nd Feb)

32.6 mm (28th Jun)

April: 34.4mm

January: 84.7mm


Brief ‘2017 so far’ summary…

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Air temperature over the last 24 hours

Updated: 6th  August