Harpford Weather

This page displays tables of most variables logged by the weather station since set up, either on a ‘daily’ or a ‘seasonal’ basis. Due to data loss, some data is missing from August-October 2009.

All data is recorded midnight-midnight. See comments at the bottom of the page about some limitations with this, and other notes about various variables.

All data is midnight-midnight (not the 0900-0900 ‘meteorological day’ sometimes used). No system is perfect, but this does tend to ‘hide’ some mild nights (where the temperature is lower before midnight the next evening, and also double-count cold nights (both sides of midnight cold), although the 0900-0900 system also ‘double counts’ cold minima in winter, as the temperature has often not risen much by 9am.

Sunshine - Values are indicative only. Settings have been tweaked to try and obtain the best estimates, but it seems values are somewhat overestimated in April 2015, and underestimated later in summer 2015. Sunshine and associated variables are only available after installation date in March 2015.

Wind direction - Data up to March 2012 was calculated in Weatherlink software, and appears to use a different methodology. It appears the data since then calculated in cumulus software is more representative of the average direction.

Also, due to the N-S Otter Valley, wind direction is somewhat biased towards more northerly and southerly directions.

Humidity - the effect of sensor changes does show. Between August 2009 and February the 22nd 2016, Humidity generally read a bit higher (typically 5-7% too high) when the relative humidity was below about 90%. Additionally, the sensor used before August 2009 topped out around 95% (apart from false spikes to 100%), and this affects humidity maxima readings and averages.

Rainfall - totals from 2012 onwards are corrected with a manual rain gauge. Totals before this are from the weather station’s tipping bucket gauge only.

Data Tables